Which Is Best? A Dynamic Microphone or A Condenser Microphone

Microphones have their special place in the music industry and without them nothing gets done properly.  They play a key role when it comes to studios.  There are various types of microphones in the market and they differ with the features and purpose.  There are mainly two types of microphones available that are used in a studio or recording.  They are Dynamic Microphone and Condenser Microphone.  There is another type of mic called as Ribbon Microphone.  Today, let us talk about condenser microphones that are used widely.  Microphones are mainly used to record vocals and instruments like drums, guitars etc.

For a studio to complete, microphones play a vital role.  The condenser microphones are best choice for studio use.  If you are to start a studio or want to know what is what about condenser microphone then you can know the details in depth from our page.  So, give it a read!

What is a condenser microphone?

A condenser microphone is nothing but a recording device in general.  They are very responsive and records or captures every minute sound around them.  They mainly capture vocals, strings, brass, drums, guitar etc.  There are wide varieties of condenser microphones that vary with size, shape, model etc.  Most of the condenser microphones come with large diaphragms though there are few with small diaphragms too. The diaphragms will isolate the surrounding sounds and will capture the main sound that is meant to be recorded.  The working principle of condenser diaphragm is that it vibrates in relation to the sound pressure that is given.

If you want to know what the difference between the dynamic and condenser microphones is, then the only difference is its usage. Dynamic microphones are used majorly for live performances whereas condenser mics are used for recording.  Also, they are exceptionally powerful that they amplifiers built-in to them are not enough to make a recording.  Each condenser microphone comes of different brands come with unique set of features.  While choosing the best condenser microphone, user needs to look up to the specs like durability, frequency response, directionality and price.  All these aspects play a key role in choosing the best condenser microphone.

What condenser microphone is ideal for?

Condenser microphone is mainly ideal for:

  1. Recording vocals or acoustic guitars.
  2. Recording of precision and capturing subtle nuances on pianos or acoustic guitars
  3. They work on power supply
  4. Condenser microphone is not ideal for high volume recording like guitar amp

Condenser microphones are extremely sensitive and as they use conductive diaphragm that vibrates with sound pressure and uses capacitance to produce the audio signal, they are not suitable for high volume recordings like guitar amps.  Condenser microphone major use comes for vocals as it is the best one that can be used for recording vocals.  As it is so very sensitive, user can record the best natural vocal and make a transparent recording with the help of condenser microphone.  There are also few condenser microphones especially designed for acoustic guitars and vocals for example SE X1 condenser microphone.

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